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About me

Hey, I'm Arkhangelsky Daniil aka Kiky Tokamuro, a Software Engineer.

At work, I mainly specialize in C, PHP, Golang. But in my spare time, I like to work with Lisp, Python, and many others. On weekends, I teach programming courses for children, together we analyze various problems using Pascal and Python. Most of my non-work focus is in Programming Language theory, Operation System theory, and Developer tooling.

You can find all my projects and research on my GitHub.

If you have a position or project (especially around Common Lisp, Scheme) that you think might fit me, please send me an Email, or give my resume to someone.

I also occasionally post interesting posts to Mastodon.

Outside of work and Open-Source, I like to work on my house, hangout with my wife, and read. I mostly read Novels and Fantasy books, but I'll never say no to a good software or hardware book.


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